About Us

Sales Media Consulting LTD - Your Trusted Business Partner Since 2008

Established in 2008, SMC is an international telemarketing, market research and customer service company that has been supporting clients with inbound and outbound campaigns since its inception. SMC is Europe's leading specialist in call center outsourcing, providing cost-effective solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to outsource their most demanding customer contact tasks to a proven and trusted partner.

Since the beginning, our passion has been the German power supplier market, which we know best, and it let us grow. Our experience in these outbound projects (lead generation included) allowed us to manage all kinds of projects (in- and outbound) in excellence. Over the years and with the founding of SMC (Sales Media Consulting LTD) in 2015, we developed from a contact center to a consulting company that supports clients with inbound and outbound projects. We now have a network of call centers with whom we work exclusively. Our wide range of services includes: team management, project management, scriptwriting expertise, prospect lists (if available), and sales training.

Seamless Bond Of Better Customer Satisfaction

Our Unique Values

What defines us and makes us unique is our high-quality service for our clients. We like to keep our response time short and we think quick adaptability is the key to success. Efficient communication and exchange between our clients and us are essential.

The most important aspect of our business is our people. Every employee plays a role in our success, that is why we promote a positive, encouraging, and lively work environment. We always strive for fairness with all interactions both internally and externally by making sure that employees, partners, clients, suppliers, and customers are all treated equally since they all deserve the same attention and respect. This is how we build and maintain strong relationships that benefit everyone.

Our innovative attitude helps to maximize the benefits our clients receive and the driving force behind our continuous development and efficiency is technology. Operational excellence is our priority and we always work towards operational improvement to ensure that our customers can rely on us to deliver consistent, efficient, and quality services.

Types Of Projects We Have Worked With:



– German Power Suppliers (Electricity & Natural Gas)
– Greek Power Suppliers (Watt & Volt, NRG)
– Invitation Campaigns For Speeches By Greek Politicians
– Magazine Subscriptions
– Holiday Clubs
– Mobile Phone Providers
– Doctor Appointments



– German Power Suppliers (New Customers & Upsells)
– Vaccination Hotline For A German Federal State
– Secretarial Service